On the Mall


On the mall

The man with the latest mobile phone

Said do not groan

The world’s not wounded.

All across

The world by internet technology

The clever, you see,

Unite and know the answers.

Nothing’s lost.

The vase you dropped can be replaced

To a more modern taste

Sign on this line.

So are bears

Good Catholics, does the Pope

Shit in the woods, and is old rope

The thing to invest in?

For anyone not familiar with the turn of phrase, a common (possibly American) way of saying that something is really obvious, that something is a stupid question because of course the answer is yes, is to say: “Do bears shit in the woods? Is the Pope a Catholic?”. By reversing this, I’m saying “Don’t believe it!” Then, “money for old rope” is a traditional English way of saying “money wasted, an excessive price”.

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