Three sisters dancing hand in hand

They turn and whirl each in her world

At different speeds disturb the leaves

Which dancing from the forest floor

Reject the empire of the wind


Three sisters dancing hands apart

They look at nothing but the leaves

If one begins to glow with fire

If one begins to freeze with ice

They will not know, they will not meet


Three sisters dancing on the heath

Long after forest decayed and died

The one is like a flaming torch

The other cold and deadly dry

The third alive and stepping high.


Now you may, if you disobey certain academic orthodoxies, wonder what on earth this poem is about. My usual advice is not to get hung up on meaning but to read the poem, accept the images and wait to see if it makes sense. The sense you find may not be the one uppermost in my mind.

Sometimes I have explained something of the poem’s meaning and origins. This time I fancy leaving it as it is, as a sort of puzzle, for the time being, and saying: there is a predominant meaning. I’d be curious to see if someone gets it.

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  1. elessaemma

     /  December 26, 2011

    Wow these are great!
    Do you write all of these?

    • Yes, elessaemma, I do! Many thanks for your praise. I don’t, though, write them at the pace this blog might suggest: I’m posting stuff I’ve written over the past seven years or so at a rate which should see me up to date around May or June 2012.

      How did you find the site, by the way?

  2. elessaemma

     /  December 27, 2011

    Well that was a smart idea.
    I found your site by going to the entertainment section under the “read blogs” tab

    • Thanks! Did I say I liked your blog – witty, wry and brave. Good luck.

      I’m fascinated about how people find the blogs. An American woman into extreme sports found and commented on my poems and she found them by searching for tags that reflected her interests – environment, nature and so on I suspect. I have another blog on other subjects and very early on it got a sizeable Russian readership. I’ve still no idea why!


  3. elessaemma

     /  December 27, 2011

    This comment actually made my day. I was thinking about deleting my blog, but you’ve changed my mind: Thank you so much!

    Wow, that is very interesting though! What is your other blog about?

  4. Caddo Veil

     /  December 29, 2011

    I gather there is a test in this poem, and since I didn’t study for it–I’m hoping there’ll be a make-up exam next semester. Anyway, it’s lovely–and sometimes that’s all I really care about.

    So, I read the above comments re discovery of various blogs–very interesting!

    Have an excellent day, Simon!! God bless you.

    • Not a test. Just that when I wrote it I had something particular in mind, but wrote nothing overtly about that subject in the poem – so I was curious whether anyone would guess it. That’s just for my own interest. I’ll leave it for a couple of weeks and then reveal it!

  5. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

     /  March 7, 2012

    The Crone embraces Goddess and respects the wind..
    Hecate came to mind…..
    there is also a binding ritual about three sisters…

    The maiden and the mother of the three all create within to make the Crone….
    this is just my thought as i read….
    The Maiden burns with passions and desires,
    The Mother, turns frozen in as the care of motherhood takes over
    and the Crone, took the experiences and knowledge of the two
    and became one…

    you know any witch will see so many layers here …

    Thank you, i did enjy this one very much, still looking for the Witch, With the Long Green Hair, but then I am, getting sidetrackes with all these others LOLs..



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