The first humans come to an unknown land and those early days are remembered in myth…




I have set my foot in the wet sand

And seen the alien trees, the dangerous berries

Of a new land


It cannot speak before I name it

It is asleep before I claim it


I give a name to this unwary bird

Before I kill it and I tread a track

So as to become a road that traders travel;

Where I have hacked a space inside the thicket

Will be a city, I can hear the talk

Like pebbles clashing in the shifting stream

Not song nor scream


What I have not named, in the lurking forests

Will die until its bones are resurrected

Leaving its shadow over fruitful fields

Rotting the yields.

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  1. Simon, this rocks! I like “dangerous berries”, and the line “pebbles clashing in the shifting stream–not song nor scream”. Very good stuff. Wishing you a Happy New Year, and looking forward to sharing our work back and forth! By the way, I loved your note about “duty free” emailing!!!!

    • Thanks, Caddo, and the same to you. I hope the new year will be wonderful.

      Were you not aware that some commercial flights now carry nothing but e-mails? What is more, that all computer viruses originate from a top-secret shipment of e-mails that crashed in the mountains of South-eastern Poland in 2003?


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