In the Wind

In the dawn a strange ship in the bay

Bearing no flag. The rain came earlier this year

The old brook flowed for the first time anyone remembers

Except the old widow who died on the way to see it.

I did not mention to you the dream

I had last night for fear it might disturb you

And anyway, you seem rather distracted

And the child has that cough again.

Last night the sky was deep dark blue and amber

When the calls of the geese migrating made me stand still

Today we have painted the sign on the grey of the wall

And row to the ship that waits without action or call.

Copyright Simon Banks 2012

Just to say here: this is a story told in the first person singular, but the “I” is not me.

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  1. Love the imagery. And I really enjoyed the line “When the calls of the geese migrating made me stand still”.

    Nice work here.

    • Thanks, skyraftwanderer. While this is a poem with a lot of otherness, living on the English east coast I often hear geese migrating at night or dusk.

  2. I once posted an “I” poem online and found people assumed I was speaking of my own experiences. Using “I” can add vulnerability and I think it was the correct choice for your poem. I like that you brought a concrete image in with the child’s cough. Well done.

    • I had the same experience! The poem is not just about strange things happening (maybe big changes coming, the familiar world ending) but about people’s reaction to that. Written in the third person that would have been lost.

  3. Caddo Veil

     /  February 3, 2012

    Excellent, Simon–I quite like it!


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