The Coming of Peace

In the parched land

Peace falls like a shower of rain

Seeps through the waiting and reviving soil

Farmers go hunting it with pump and spade

And fight over the holes they’ve made.

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  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

     /  March 2, 2012

    I wanted to think of a drought
    put then for some reason I though of oil wells…

    this will keep one thinking of many possiblities of what it could be about
    I like that, changing the thoughts as i view it

    Take care…

  2. Thanks, maryrose. Of course people do dig holes for oil and then fight over it and that’s very much in our consciousness right now, but I don’t think I had oil wells in mind. Mind you, you may discover a strand of meaning I hadn’t!

    The poem was sparked by the image of peace as a shower of rain, which I think is not original and may be in the Bible. I then thought about the literal interpretation of that: people in dry lands fight over water, and over the next century such conflicts will become more common, so if peace is like water, they could fight over peace too. That links, I suppose, to peacemaking wars and also to conflicts – not armed – between peace activists.

    I suppose the underlying thought is that there’s no good thing we’re not capable of treating like a possession and fighting over.

  3. Peace turns to war and back again. A cycle you describe well within a short poem here Simon. Well done!


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