Ever puzzled over the instructions which came with some new household machine, car manual or flat-pack furniture?


Life is like that…




I bought this thing quite a long time ago

But never needed it, so never assembled

The impressive confusing parts

But now I’ve started to read the instructions

And as always, I suppose,

They don’t quite make sense.

“Stand on the bank of the river

Summon the ferryman and give him silver

And he will carry you over.” That makes sense.

But then apparently the other side

Is somewhere underneath us. Then again

It says, “Flow into the distant stars

Towards a light that is not quite a star.”

You can’t go down, across and up at the same time!

Though in the depths of this black silent pool

Which shimmers with the lights of star and moon

Maybe I’ve seen the answer after all.


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  1. I really wish life came with more instructions!! Great concept, so unusual, and I like the way your worded the lines Simon.

  2. In today’s self-help industry era, I keep wondering how come we were not taught how to manage relationships/career issues/money madness in school? How to…seems to be the dictum of our times. Thank you Simon!


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