If they come to us, amongst the stars or seaworms,

Or tapping on a slab of rock that blocks a tunnel,

And ask us what we have done,

We will be able to answer them:

We chose to wreck the web of life around us,

We were amused to bleach the coral reefs

And where we left a desert called satisfaction,

Only the rats and grasses last to breed.

So that is what we did for you: be grateful,

For we have built a great thing on the earth.

If it now crumbles, and our race is dying,

No doubt somewhere there comes another birth.


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  1. So very true….(my twin sons prefer to believe that all disaster that has befallen the earth has a lot to do with rogue asteroids that smashed out the dinosaurs!)

  2. And so the cycle of life continues… Your poems are good for reflection Simon well after I finish the read…


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