Back today to posting poems I haven’t posted before – so getting gradually nearer the present day. The first two lines of this one came to me as I was driving from Maldon to Colchester by a B road and I fashioned the rest of it while driving, with much mental repetition to try to make sure I didn’t forget it before I could write it down.


The beast in the mud has gone to sleep

It hasn’t moved for three years now

Only the wind makes shallow waves

Only the workmen shake the ground


I don’t think that the beast is dead

It’s slept for several years sometimes

But studies of the warning signs

Have not much helped predict the next


The sudden knowledge “this is it”

The change of shape, the sudden crack

The haunting song, the sense of loss

The settling fragments of the map.

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  1. Great reading you Simon! I have subscribed. Thank you for commenting on FWM Online Magazine. I read some of your previous works and would love to share them there. I think your analysis essays are a good fit and please check out our social site

    Great work!


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