The sea, the shore

I had the idea of posting with some thoughts about types of places or things in scenery that inspire me and appear in my poetry. So – number one: THE SEA AND THE SHORE.


The sea is mysterious for us because unless we dive, we see only the surface – so it can stand for our unconscious. It appears boundaryless and unlimited – so eternity, infinity and the experience of being in the womb. It sustains life and is where life began – but it’s a great killer. It divides nations and communities but it has been one of the great means of communication, of exploration and trade. Its colours change subtly depending on the weather, the time of day and solids held in it such as mud. The beat of waves is like the beat of a heart.


The shore fascinates me because it’s the meeting-place of sea and land. Shore creatures live half in one world and half in the other – like poets? The shore is subject to cyclical change, but it’s also been a great source of evolutionary change. The shore is always there, but its location changes as land is eroded or sea recedes. Sea things are thrown up on the shore like clues to a mystery; land things like bricks or trees are taken by the sea and are returned wonderfully changed.


The other features I’m thinking of discussing are rivers, the hills and the sky. What are your inspirations?

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  1. Nature is very inspirational, it’s living and breathing and when one life ends another begins. Every creature depends on the other for survival. And with ocean, I think it’s a great mystery that we haven’t really explored fully yet.

  2. I find the sky especially perplexing…when I am in the air or driving in open spaces, I often wonder if there is a world beyond the sky…where is Heaven…what lies byond the sky…Enjoyed reading this post!

    • Thanks, Boomiebol. I’ll remember your words when I come to discuss my reaction to the sky. I love looking up and seeing what’s happening there!

  3. two of the very inspiring places for me where I find inner peace; you’ve treated here with royal care…nice analysis

  4. I like your concept of the sea being mysterious because we only see its surface… Intriguing!

    • Thanks, Christy. The analogy to the unconscious is fairly obvious and also, for people with any hint of the spiritual, to that dimension. My poem “Underwater” is pretty much on that theme.


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