What we have lost cannot be found

By reading in a book

The stopped songs will not ring out

Nor the lost thoughts, not fallen flowers

That the dry wind took.


Stick in the current twists and bobs

Riding the river down

Until it snags and shallows drag

And the trip is done

Though the side currents swing around.


That short escape can’t happen twice

As fast the water travels

But it will rain and the river strain

Till all its banks unravel


But here the songs and here the ripples

Are almost in our sight

So we will climb and we will dive

Into the dark and light.


Copyright Simon Banks 2012

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  1. I especially love the first two lines…

  2. I love how you feel hopeless with the start and feel hope as it ends.

  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

     /  December 14, 2012

    such a calm flow of words…
    I saw the leaves and flowers drifting on the water’s flow
    like wishes that flow on the wind as we say them out loud
    lost to the moment of living but becoming the living in another form
    I have missed wandering in your words Simon…
    I am glad to be here….
    Thank you for being you all the time….
    Take Care…

  4. Thanks, rebecca.


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