Storm Sea

Another very short poem:




Not a blue, glittering sea but yellow-brown–grey

Hammers at the wall and draws the grains away

A twisted gull skirmishes with the air

The old watchtower hunches for a flare.



Copyright Simon Banks 2012

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  1. My uncle died, before I was even born, when the boat he was working on sank because of a storm. It happened in March 1947, close to Portland, Maine, USA. The boat name was NOVADOC. It belonged to people living in Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.

    Merry Chritmas to those who died that day.

    • Thankyou for sharing that, GinTonHic. All life comes from the sea, but it takes some back.

      • In my uncle’s case, to this day, the boat and the 23 passengers were never found.

        As a child, I would find myself hoping that one day uncle Fernand would reappear…

      • In October 1881 a severe storm caught fishing boats out at sea off the southern part of the east coast of Scotland. 183 people died and over 100 were from the small town of Eyemouth. Many boats were wrecked on the rocks at the harbour mouth as they drove for safety. Two days later one missing boat, the Ariel Gazelle, returned damaged but with the crew safe, having ridden out the storm.

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