Estuary Shore


Where river suspects salt, land shakes the sea

Revealed expanses lie

Out of the lifeborn mud, worms rise

Ribbon weed aligns, rigid heron stalks

Woman cries, crews die

Remember the dragonflies in the winter

After the last bright body, shimmering wing dies

Under the dark water, waiting, rise

Man gathering shells, sharp stab in the chest

Like a bugle-call, clock struck

Is that the hour?

Turmoil of voices

When shall we hear, where shall we hear,

Now, here?

Rain slants, seeds rebel, green grows

The earth of shells and friends is covered in flowers

Under the pale moon, what cries?

Dust in marble halls, dust of marble halls

Ground jewels, rose roots strike

Lustre withers, slow-burning amethyst escapes

A lost note cries in the dark and I cannot find it

Out of the deathborn mud, worms rise

Boat bumps against the jetty with the waves.

Copyright Simon Banks 2013

I’m just going to leave this one for you to make of it what you will.

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  1. I don’t know that I understand this entirely but I absolutely love the first line…had to go back to it again. Very well done

  2. Simon, you awesome writer you! The line ‘The earth of shells and friends is covered in flowers’ is my fave one!

  3. Very very clever poem…’what shall we hear?…now here’…I liked the way you asked the reader to make sense of it because that compels one to go back and read it again. It would be interesting if you could make an audio podcast of it. It’s the kind of poem one should listen to or read aloud…..

    • Thanks. Yes, I probably make most impression reading my more passionate, more illogical poems like this and “Dark Lady”.

  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

     /  February 28, 2013

    I thought of a mermaids song drawing men into the sea
    man grabbing his chest…another heart falls to the song of the mermaid
    I like the many different ways I feel when I read it…

    • It was a very instinctive kind of writing process. I can explain bits – for example, “dust of marble halls” encompasses such a long time-span that marble halls have turned to dust – but other bits I can only guess at.

  5. Hi I have awarded you The Very Inspiring Blogger A ward for rules go to you really deserve this award! xxx

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