The Trek

I’ve been virtually silent on this blog for a while.

There are three reasons.

One is that I’ve posted selected poems almost up to date and in any case want to hold back a few for possible competitions (since posting a poem on-line is considered publication by the rules of such competitions).

Another is that I feel some tiredness with the idea of continuing the blog as it was and have been thinking about new directions that wouldn’t be a complete break.

The third was my main holiday this year – sixteen days (including two travel days and two “rest” or free exploring days) walking the West Highland Way and the East Highland Way, basically from just outside Glasgow to Aviemore, well into the Eastern Highlands. This took a lot of planning and preparing; then there was the actual doing; and then I returned to over 500 e-mails and any amount of other stuff piling up!

So I’m just about now recovering a week after returning, and that applies to my feet too.

But this gives me an idea – to post on whatever interests me, PROVIDED I CAN FIND A LINK TO POETRY, mine or others’. That’s a challenge and I like a challenge – which is one reason to do long-distance trails!

For hill-walking and trekking, that link is easy, for me, anyway.

I’ll continue this post by saying a bit about long-distance walking and then posting a couple of poems with comments.

Any other long-distance walkers out there? And I don’t mean you walk from the railway station to the office.

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  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

     /  September 2, 2013

    Welcome back…..
    hopefully your feet are being soaked in epsom salt…
    I am glad you are back…and I look forward to your blog’s direction…
    I have been thinking of changing mine…but then …just not sure what i want to do…
    I used to be a long distance walker….when I stationed in Colorado and in Germany, one always knew they could find me on Volks Marches …
    now days I do about five miles, will extend it when the weather cools a bit…
    I hope you catch up on emails..the month I took off is still sitting here….

    Take Care SImon…You Matter…


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