Patient Pathway


The patient pathway now for Mr Edwards

Is on to a trolley down that long corridor

And into the morgue. With improved direction management

Attainment of his aspirational journey goal

Is 98.6%. After that there is a handover

And, being task-oriented, we move on

As, indeed, Mr Edwards does.

It used to be thought, by the way,

That he would be taken to the banks of a river

Or triaged for his final destination,

But we don’t think that way now.

Off he goes.


copyright Simon Banks 2014

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  1. Enjoyed this one, Simon, it has a vague quality of bewilderment about life, a really engaging quality. BTW should it be onto rather than on to?

    • Thanks very much, Andy.

      No, “onto” is not British English. It’s two words. American spelling and grammar checks will say otherwise, but then they also say “any more” is wrong and should be “anymore”. Not this side of the Atlantic.



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