Apologies to those who follow this blog and actually look forward to the posts (yes, I know who you are and where you live).


Let me reassure any who were worried about my silence. I am alive. Well, I made a “friend” of a guy on one of the social media sites once, someone I knew and actually did not get on with very well, and soon after he died. I went on getting prompts to endorse him for things for ages after. It seemed eery.


I’m alive but very busy with an election (the Clacton parliamentary and Brightlingsea county council by-elections). This doesn’t take up all my time but does make it hard to concentrate on meaningful blog posts.


You didn’t know I was a political activist? Good. I mean it would worry me if people could deduce a complete picture of me from my involvement in one thing (poetry). Mind you, scientists can do that with dinosaur bones.