The Lone Kitchener: The Remains of the Haggis

Let’s say you’ve decided to mark the New Year, Burns Night or any other occasion or none by eating haggis, tatties and neeps (note for the uninformed: neeps are tiny, sweet-looking rodents found only in the wilds of Inverness-shire and on neep farms in East Lancashire). OK, they’re turnips. Turnips were alive too.

You live alone – or no-one else in your household shares your liking for this traditional and symbolic Scottish dish. The haggis you’ve bought is family-size: smaller ones were not available. You have eaten. You have drunk. You are full. There is still quite a bit of haggis left. You don’t want to risk re-heating a meat dish. What to do?

I may have found the answer. Put the remains of the haggis in the fridge. When you’re ready, add stuff. My recipe is for a bowlful of haggis – the sort of bowl you might have breakfast cereals in. Add four or five cherry tomatoes chopped in two, half a stick of celery chopped up and one or two very lightly-cooked shallots. Add a teaspoonful of chutney (not the super-salty kind: I used home-made banana and lime chutney) and five or six grapes, cut in two. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Mix vigorously. Eat. The end result is tasty and vaguely North African.

Happy Christmas