The Twain Assertion

Mark Twain famously stated, “rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated”. So in case anyone thinks Covid or anything else might have got me, I’m still here, or at least I think I am or I am in this one of limitless variant worlds perpetually branching off. I’m just not a natural blogger. Things interest me. People interest me. But perpetually telling people what I’ve just done does not interest me. Some bloggers, of course, are very influential, for good or ill, spreading truth or lies, but somehow this way of influencing people leaves me a bit cold whether I’m posting or reading.

OK, that’s a bit of an excuse for having had time to post, but not having done it. I don’t write much poetry now and while I do write some short stories, that doesn’t lend itself to blogging so well.

Recently on LinkedIn I responded to a prompt to record my achievements of the year. That was an interesting question for someone retired, but involved in UK politics to an extend that would probably turn off some of my few readers. So there’s an interesting point: the question is really TWO questions: what have I achieved that I value; and of that list, what can I explain or don’t want to keep private and is likely to interest some other people.

We’re making compromises and calculations like that all the time. Actually, that’s characteristic of politics – and that word has got so dirtied, it’s worth pointing out it’s simply the activity by which people resolve decisions that can’t be left to individual choice, like what to do with that bit of waste ground in the middle of town or where to go for the Christmas party.

I hope to be back after a less long gap!