The Quiet

At 8:30 precisely on Christmas Eve, the family next door fell silent. The loud music had been belting out for nine hours, interspersed only by yelling over the thump of the music and the sound of something heavy falling on the floor.


But suddenly – nothing. Not even footsteps.


Leroy looked at his girlfriend. They shared a tentative glance. He spoke:


“It’s quiet, Carruthers – too damn quiet.”



Happy Christmas!

This had better be a purely unaligned post in a religious sense (maybe it’s about time I created a new non-poetry blog to argue about politics, religion and the English language and to make fun of trendy bureaucracy as an ex-insider, to replace the one dead of blogspot’s failure to help me when the old one ran off the rails).

So anyway, Happy Christmas.


and for a slightly more poetic and much more abstract rendition:


While for those who think it’s all a load of


Now for something completely different.


Have a good time. Love.